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Our manufactiring company has been established in 1989 and is proud of its 17-year long tradition. Our core business is manufacture and sales of products for lime scale neutralization, but we are just as competent in the field of chemical and mechanical water purifiers for household and industrial use.

Ekoavtomag catalytic converter

The Ekoavtomag catalytic converter fuel savings for a clean enviroment

The Ekoavtomag catalytic converter applies the principle of magnetic fileds generated by high-energy permanent magnets. It is designed to save fuel, increase engine output, enhance comustion efficiency and reduce harmful emissions.

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Magnetic limestone scale neutralizer

Groundwater contains various mine mineral substances. The most common are calcium and magnesium; we refer to such water as "hard". Hard water contains various amounts of free radicals of calcium and magnesium (hard salts).

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We have conducted thorough research to determine how to avoid the high costs and problems which appear due to scale buildup. On the basis of lengthy and costly testing we have developed a device which will satisfy all customers: the MAGNETIC LIMESTONE SCALE NEUTRALIZER. Read more>>

Combined magnetic water softener with mechanical filter


Self-cleaning water filterwith magnetic water softener (magnetic neutralizer)

Prismatic physical device with scale neutralization


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